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Relieved by Hemp, No Joint Replacements

Hemp Foot and Leg Therapy

Size: 120 ml Relaxing, rejuvenating, cooling foot therapy. Sit back, feet-first and relax after a long day at work. This gives relief for hot tired feet and legs. Helps relieve restless-leg syndrome. Sciatic Nerve pain or lower back pain may be relieved due to the cooling effect on the nerves. Customers tell us they finally get a good night’s sleep after applying Foot and Leg Therapy to legs and feet before bedtime. Too much sun? Get relief by applying to area for healing, cooling effect. Relief from mild sunburn.

Over six years ago arthritis in my knee had become so painful I was afraid I would need replacements. A friend gave me some Foot & Leg Therapy to try. I could see a big difference in a week. I have used it ever since on all my arthritic pain, It surprised me how quickly it works. It is not a care for arthritis but it has helped me cope so I have no need for joint replacement this far. I also use this product for sore muscles and shingle rash. It really soothes and heals its.

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