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A VERY Happy Customer

You may remember me from the Trade show at the Holiday Inn in Dartmouth back in March, I had the MediTrack booth next to the stage.

I purchased the large bottle of the capsules and split them with my ex-husband so we could both try them for roughly three months. I have arthritis in my spine and hip (I limp severely most of the time), high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My ex has injuries to both legs with debilitating arthritis in his right knee (he requires a knee brace).

After taking the capsules for one week, I noticed that I was sleeping better because I wasn’t in pain laying in bed! On the second week, I noticed that my limp was practically gone! After a month, I was absolutely PAIN FREE!!!!! My blood pressure has been good but I haven’t had my cholesterol checked yet.

My ex has had good results with his legs. His pain has gone down quite a bit and he hasn’t used the knee brace in about two months!!

I have been telling everyone that will listen to me, about this product. One of my friends in Toronto, Frank Horne, recently ordered some from you. If you need a sales rep in the Shelburne area, let me know. I am a great fan of the product. I have been in constant pain for more that 10 years. The doctors and therapists couldn’t eliminate my pain because they are very limited as to what they can give me for it. Everything they can prescribe will raise my blood pressure. Now with this product I can enjoy walking and riding my bike again!!!

A VERY happy customer
Sheila Robicheau

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