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Dramatic Improvements

Yes, I have been having dramatic improvements with my fibromyalga symptoms since taking the hemp oil. It has taken about five months for any consistent, noticeable results, but after that, the results were outstanding. On most days, I do not wake up with too much stiffness, if any at all. This is a huge improvement from the daily routine of waking up, overtired, and aching. Chiropractor was a three-times a week routine for me. I haven’t had to see one for over a month now. Well worth the price of the hemp oil alone. The condition of my skin has improved as well. My massage therapist has commented that my skin seemed to be much more silky. She specializes in fibromyalga clients, and she has been monitoring my progress with hemp oil. So far she is very impressed with the results. She is basing her opinion mainly on the difference from what she is feeling in my muscle tissue currently, as compared to before I was taking the oil. The oil has also been able to help my sleep patterns. I am now sleeping through the night, which in turn has enabled me to concentrate better during the day. My memory is getting better as a result as well. All in all, I think that hemp oil has been the magic potion that I’ve been searching for all these years.

Vincent Chan

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