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Good Circulation

I was involved in a car/pedestrain accident in 1986. The car slid into me after being rear ended by another car. The bone in my right arm came through the skin in my upper arm. Doctor Stanish performed the operation at the old Victoria General. He saved my arm, but I had a slight vibration in my arm as a result of the car accident. But I did not give up there. I ask numerous doctors over the years. They all said the same thing. I started to continue running in 1987 but it became harder until one day I was down at the Farmer’s Market and I overheard a young lady giving a sales pitch for Hemp Oil. She was naming all the benefits you get from this, good ciruculation caught my ear. So I tried some and needless to say, I am running again. I have about 85% use of my injured arm.

B. Blackmore

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