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Capsules No Longer Available

We regret to inform you, our valued customers, that we are not able to offer you Hemp Seed Oil Capsules as they are no longer available to us.

We recognize that those of you taking these capsules for overall health will be affected. However, we have now added the single bottle of hemp seed oil to the website to make it easier to transition to the liquid oil, over purchasing the 3 bottles that we have only offered in the past.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the overall benefits of the liquid hempseed oil along with suggestions on how to use:

  • Easy to take once a day, usually after breakfast or with food
  • Pleasant tasting (customers say like sesame seeds)
  • Readily absorbed into the body
  • Results seen more quickly than with capsules
  • Approximately 9 capsules = 1 tablespoon of liquid
  • Much more affordable way to get the health benefits in price point comparison to capsules
  • Versatile, as you can make salad dressing, drizzle on food, add to smoothie or shakes etc.
  • If you cannot take off the spoon, then add to juice. For example customers find it mixes well with cranberry juice
  • Refrigerate once opened

Customers continuing to take liquid Hemp Seed Oil daily will choose the savings with our 3 months plus program supply at $38.95 + tax = $44.79 ( savings of $6.06) compared to single bottle. This offers you even much greater savings compared to the capsules!

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