About Atlantic Healing Hemp

We provide customers with high quality Hempseed Oil, a Therapeutic line, and Body care line of products taking pride in the integrity of each product sold, while offering superior customer service and always remembering that each customer may be a helpful source of referral business for our company.

Wanda Beattie


Atlantic Healing Hemp Inc. was founded in 2003 after research revealed a startling need to “Educate” the public on the Nutritional and Therapeutic benefits of Hempseed Oil. The revival of this Valuable Ancient Crop captured Wanda’s interest and became the principal reason for starting a company that could bring high quality hemp products to the marketplace.

The opportunity to create an entity that offered superior Natural Health products was reflected in her enthusiasm to develop Atlantic Healing Hemp Inc. Wanda brings valuable management experience exceeding 30 years in business to the company. Her leadership and alignment abilities allow Atlantic Healing Hemp to meet the ever changing demands of the quickly moving marketplace that require these products.

Wanda’s desire was to create a business that not only helps improve the health and wellness of others, but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Wanda served four years on the Board of Directors of CHTA (Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance) and also has appeared on the TV show Doc Talk discussing the benefits of Hempseed Oil with Dr. John Gillis. Wanda is availabe for presentations for groups or organizations who wish to learn more about Hempseed and its benefits. You can also find Wanda at trade shows, displaying her products and educating the public on hempseed oil.

Wanda and her husband Brian are proud of their family-owned & operated business and continue to work together to achieve their dream of Atlantic Healing Hemp becoming a “household name”. Their hard work and dedication is supported by their 3 children. Wanda loves spending quality time with their 2 grandsons.


Brian Beattie


Brian has a solid 35 years of business experience and has enjoyed considerable success as a business owner. He manages the shipping and receiving department and is involved in the daily operations of marketing and sales promotion.

His strong people skills in public relations, is an asset to Atlantic Healing Hemp.


Kelsey Best

Social Media

Kelsey managing our Social Media; Everything you wanted to know about Hemp, BUT were too afraid to ask, Facebook, Instagram, Articles, LinkedIn, Website, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Recipes, Hemptation, and the Hemp Community. (Click on the Social Media word to join in on our fun)

Kelsey was introduced to Atlantic Healing Hemp, Hemp seed oil and our products when she became extremely ill; bed ridden weighing 105 lbs after loosing 45 lbs from a severe Environmental Illness called Sick Building Syndrome (Chronic Inflammation Response Syndrome) Mold Sensitivity causing Anaphylactic Reaction to mold/sick buildings.

Hemp Seed &Hemp oil gave her the nutrients she was malnourished of, reduces her Chronic Inflammation and she also gets relief with from our Therapeutic and Body Care Products for the symptoms she lives with presently from the emotional, physical and environmental stress her body went through. Kelsey took a fitness & nutrition personally training course from ICS (International Career School) to learn how to heal and build the human body for a healthier and stronger life. She is very passionate about Hemp & whole body balanced lifestyle!