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Capsules No Longer Available

We regret to inform you, our valued customers, that we are not able to offer you Hemp Seed Oil Capsules as they are no longer available to us.

We recognize that those of you taking these capsules for overall health will be affected. However, we have now added the single bottle of hemp seed oil to the website to make it easier to transition to the liquid oil, over purchasing the 3 bottles that we have only offered in the past.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the overall benefits of the liquid hempseed oil along with suggestions on how to use:

  • Easy to take once a day, usually after breakfast or with food
  • Pleasant tasting (customers say like sesame seeds)
  • Readily absorbed into the body
  • Results seen more quickly than with capsules
  • Approximately 9 capsules = 1 tablespoon of liquid
  • Much more affordable way to get the health benefits in price point comparison to capsules
  • Versatile, as you can make salad dressing, drizzle on food, add to smoothie or shakes etc.
  • If you cannot take off the spoon, then add to juice. For example customers find it mixes well with cranberry juice
  • Refrigerate once opened

Customers continuing to take liquid Hemp Seed Oil daily will choose the savings with our 3 months plus program supply at $38.95 + tax = $44.79 ( savings of $6.06) compared to single bottle. This offers you even much greater savings compared to the capsules!

Anti-inflammatory benefits

I have enjoyed the health benefits of taking 1-2 tbsp of cold-pressed Hempseed oil in my smoothies every morning or directly with juice, over the past 12 years. Energy, flexibility and healthy skin, hair and nails I contribute to the daily consumption of the hempseed oil. I like getting a balance of all 3 omegas from one source and it is also a bonus that it is a plant source. It’s anti-inflammatory benefits have been proven without a doubt. The longer and more consistent you take it the better results one will see. Thank you Atlantic Healing Hemp for making this high grade oil and its benefits available to us.

Leigh Broomhead

Absorbs very well

I love the way this cream feels on my face. It’s neither dry nor greasy… Absorbs very well. I’m still on my first jar but just received another to make sure i wouldn’t run out! By the way… This is not supposed to be a scented product… I do however detect a mild calming scent which I actually enjoy.

Pam Dicker

Pain was 95% gone

Hi I had hip pain for 3 years,could not sleep and always that dull ache.Doctors wanted to put me on medication but with too many side effects. I looked to the internet for something natural and came up with hemp oil,googled suppliers and that’s where I got your site. Started taking it and after 30 days pain was 95% gone and sleeping through the night.Been on it for 11 months now,I found out that I need a double hip replacement at 49 years of age.Doctor took one look at my x-rays and told me he can’t see how I get out of bed in the morning. One other quick story,my wife had a operation on her back many years ago and has had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.Started her on hemp oil and after 3 days she got out of bed with little or no stiffness.
Thanks Warren and Patricia Harris


Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Program

I’ve had eczema all my life, but 2 yrs. ago it broke out all over my face, neck arms and shoulders. I used topical ointments but could never make it go away, only controll it somewhat. I started taking a tbsp of oil 3 wks ago and my skin is almost clear. I asked a naturopath if it is possible that the oil cleared it up and she said yes that the EFA’s are needed for healthy skin – that my healthy diet was integral and helping the oil work – that if I had had a poor diet maybe I’d have only received a 20% benefit.


Healthy Hemp Pet Oil

My Grade Champion Siamese Cat a year ago August went lame and we thought we would have to put her down. I switched from flax oil to your Healthy Hemp Pet Oil giving her 1 tsp a day within a few weeks she was no longer lame. I am thrilled with the results and Willows Pet Store in Halifax encouraged me to contact you to share my experience. Thank you

Y. Mossman – Halifax

Good Circulation

I was involved in a car/pedestrain accident in 1986. The car slid into me after being rear ended by another car. The bone in my right arm came through the skin in my upper arm. Doctor Stanish performed the operation at the old Victoria General. He saved my arm, but I had a slight vibration in my arm as a result of the car accident. But I did not give up there. I ask numerous doctors over the years. They all said the same thing. I started to continue running in 1987 but it became harder until one day I was down at the Farmer’s Market and I overheard a young lady giving a sales pitch for Hemp Oil. She was naming all the benefits you get from this, good ciruculation caught my ear. So I tried some and needless to say, I am running again. I have about 85% use of my injured arm.

B. Blackmore

Mood Swings Improved

I started my 8 year old son on Hemp Oil the end of October, 2003. He had great difficulty with mood swings and a very low level of concentration.

By the end of the school year 2004, he was in the top 4 of his class, with tremendous improvements in concentration and 0 mood swings.

L. Naugler

Lubricates The Joints

I love hempseel oil. It has done wonders for me. My I.B.S is so much better. 1 tablespoon a day worked great for me! My arthritis has greatly improved as well as the stiffness in my joints. I highly recommend Atlantic Healing Hemp Seed Oil.

A. Corkum

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