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Dramatic Improvements

Yes, I have been having dramatic improvements with my fibromyalga symptoms since taking the hemp oil. It has taken about five months for any consistent, noticeable results, but after that, the results were outstanding. On most days, I do not wake up with too much stiffness, if any at all. This is a huge improvement from the daily routine of waking up, overtired, and aching. Chiropractor was a three-times a week routine for me. I haven’t had to see one for over a month now. Well worth the price of the hemp oil alone. The condition of my skin has improved as well. My massage therapist has commented that my skin seemed to be much more silky. She specializes in fibromyalga clients, and she has been monitoring my progress with hemp oil. So far she is very impressed with the results. She is basing her opinion mainly on the difference from what she is feeling in my muscle tissue currently, as compared to before I was taking the oil. The oil has also been able to help my sleep patterns. I am now sleeping through the night, which in turn has enabled me to concentrate better during the day. My memory is getting better as a result as well. All in all, I think that hemp oil has been the magic potion that I’ve been searching for all these years.

Vincent Chan

Essential for Good Health

Using Atlantic Healing Hemp’s Seed Oil , with it’s high level of essential fatty acids, has helped me maintain an extremely high level of HOL- the ” good” cholesterol essential for good health, and a more balanced life.

Francis Mitchell

Acid Reflux

Being diagnosed with a severe form of Acid Reflux, my Gourmet skills had to be put away. A total change of diet and sleeping in an elevated position was not conducive to my busy lifestyle. When I was introduced to HEMP, all that was to change. Within 3 weeks I was sleeping normally and eating anything I wanted to eat, anytime of day and most of all, there was no more pain or discomfort, thanks to Hemp Oil.

Doris Grant
Rug Crochet Teacher
Tantallon – Nova Scotia

Multiple Benefits

BENEFITS SINCE I STARTED I have been using Hemp Oil since August of 2002. The benefits for me are many and I will list them below.

  • I feel that my metabolism has been given a boost, because in my effort to lose weight, I am doing very well. In the past it has been difficult mainly because my metabolic rate is nil, I have been tested for this problem. My weight loss in the months since end of September until May is 46 lbs.
  • I have Arthritis in my knees and while the pain is still there the inflammation and stiffness is not there.
  • I feel very alert.
  • I sleep very well at night.
  • I believe that my internal organs are working a lot better.
  • I was having trouble with leg cramps at night, that has not been a problem.
  • My immune system is great, although the department has had many colds and flu, I did not get sick.

Sharon Pfinder
Lower Sackville, NS

Hormone Replacement Theraphy

Due to radical surgery at a young age, I was prescribed hormone replacement therapy which resulted in taking Premarin for the following 22 years. After investigating the advantages of Hemp Oil I took it for a year along with the Premarin. Due to the news releases warning women against HRT. I stopped immediately and found I had no withdrawal symptoms ( headaches) or hot flashes. I had experienced these over the years many, many times if I neglected to take my pills for a couple of days. Therefore I recognized the Hemp Oil eliminated my menopausal symptoms.


PMS/Irritable Bowel

I experienced major improvements in my PMS symptoms ( cramps, bloating, mood swings). I also experienced less pain and increased regularity with my irritable bowel. I am a nurse and recognize the need for EFA’s and good nutrition. I highly promote Hemp Oil because of the balance of EFA’s. Due to my results I now have co-workers , family and friends using Hemp Oil.

Lorna Collicutt– Nurse
Canaan, NS


I have had psoriasis since 1968 and used many creams topically prescribed by specialists that relieved it temporarily. At one point I was on a cancer drug that almost destroyed my liver. I recognized the need to heal from the inside out so I started taking Hemp Oil. If this product had not helped I would not have continued after the third bottle. As a result, the two patches on my upper thighs are gone. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from Psoriasis.

Jerry Lowe – Sears Employee
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Saved my life with Hemp Atlantic Healing Hemp

At the age of 25 my body ended up attacking itself and was unable to identify the differences from bad to good invaders.  My entire body was extremely toxic from mold and in less then 4 months I lost over 30 lbs from malnourishment. Atlantic Healing Hemp products I was able to nourish my body back to health.  Atlantic Healing Hemp saved my life!


Simply the Best Products Out There!

For the past 10 years I have been a loyal customer of both Vital Difference (night time) and Neutral Face Cream (daytime). Over the years I have tried many of the more main stream and over priced products on the market but have always returned to the Atlantic Healing Hemp line because it is simply the best products out there.
Vital Difference Facial Cream - Hemp

Size: 60 ml A light silky moisturizer designed specifically for dry, mature skin. The EFAs in hemp seed oil help invigorate and rejunvenate the skin, working to prevent and reduce wrinkles and renew skin cells while leaving the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. No need to purchase night cream or eye cream as this product will be all you need! Enjoy day and night, under makeup or on freshly cleansed skin for a healthy natural glow.

The creams are lightweight and actually penetrate the skin rather than sitting
Hemp Neutral Face Cream

Naturally calming and soothing face cream, especially formulated for sensitive skin, but beneficial for all skin types. Enriched with EFAs contained in hemp seed oil, help balaced and promote healthy skin. Enjoy daily as an under makeup moisturizer or just apply for fresh glowing skin. May also be used as your night-time cream and as your eye cream — all in one! Size: 60 ml Use day or night No scent Easily absorbed Skin remains wrinkle free longer (due to Essential Fatty Acids in product)

on top. The result is smooth, moisturized and even toned skin. What could be a better combination: hydration and healing in one simple step. A healthy choice for sure!
Maria Scot