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Made with 100% Nova Scotia Hemp Seed Oil

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"I bought the product for animals and put on my dogs food everyday. His digestion seems a lot better and he is running around the yard like a puppy. Lol great product."

Orma Dozer

“Our pets deserve the best in Health care that we can give them”

Proper nutrition plays a key role in our pet’s whole health, body, mind and behaviour. Essential Fatty Acids are necessary for the overall health of your pet. The omega-3 family is responsible for brain and eye tissue function, while the omega-6 family is responsible for maintaining coat & skin, growth, and structure of cell membranes.


Why Hemp Oil?

Hemp contains Omega-3,6 & 9 as well as rare GLA which is a natural anti-inflammatory and supports healthy skin and helps eliminate dry itchy coat, as well as joint and muscle pain. Pet owners have experienced less “hot spots” and an overall improvement in behavior. Older dogs will have more energy and generally regain more flexibility in their movements.

How Do I Do It?

Hemp seed oil is easy to add to your pet’s diet, simply pour the suggested amount on their food daily. They enjoy the taste as well!

Suggested serving is based on body weight as a guide:

1-50 lb. = 1 tsp

50-100 lb. = 1tbsp.

100 lbs. + = 2 tbsp.

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