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Hemp Therapeutic Products

Hemp Care for AthletesHEMP CARE for ATHLETES:
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Recommended for arthritis, muscle aches and pains, sport injuries and chest colds. Because Hemp Oil is a carrier oil it takes the essential oils to the affected area, giving almost immediate relief. All of our customers rave about this product and tell their friends about it.



Foot & Leg TherapyFOOT & LEG THERAPY:
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Relaxing, rejuvenating, cooling foot therapy. Sit back, feet-first and relax after a long day at work. This gives relief for hot tired feet and legs. Helps relieve restless-leg syndrome. Sciatic Nerve pain, Lower back pain may be relieved due to the cooling effect on the nerves. Customers tell us they finally get a good night’s sleep after applying Foot and Leg Therapy to legs and feet before bedtime. Too much sun? Get relief by applying to area for healing, cooling effect.


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(formerly know as Healing Hemp Cream)

Wonderful throughout the day to keep hands moisturized and healthy. If you require regular washing of hands (ie. nurses, food industry workers, child care workers, etc.) you will appreciate the protection and softness.

  • Protects skin
  • Excellent for dry, cracked, hands & feet
  • Customers get results for itchy, dry skin, associated with eczema and psorasis