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Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (Single Bottle)

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Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (Single Bottle)

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500 ml bottles (25% More Volume)
1 month supply based on average intake of 1 tbsp. per day


Atlantic Healing Hemp provides our Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil to give you the long term benefits of taking a balance of all your Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) everyday. It is important to understand that taking Essential Fatty Acids is a Lifestyle change and the benefits are numerous the longer you are on the oil.

Nature’s most balanced oil with Omega 3, 6 and 9
Chlorophyll (Natural detoxifier)
Vitamin E (Anti-Oxidant)
Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Gluten Free
Pesticide and Herbicide Free
Peanut Free


  • It takes 12-15 weeks to see an improvement through a dietary change such as incorporating Hemp Seed Oil into your daily diet.
  • Taking a balance of Essential Fatty Acids daily is not a quick fix program
  • We guarantee you will see improvements in your skin, hair, nails and energy along with any degenerative disorder, we just can’t tell you how long it will take.
  • Taking Essential Fatty Acids Daily is mandatory for good health.
  • You will need to take a balance of Essential Fatty Acids for Life.
  • Every man, women, child and pet should get their daily intake of Balanced EFAs.
  • Atlantic Healing Hemp stands behind their products and guarantees “Fresh Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil.

6 reviews for Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (Single Bottle)

  1. B. Blackmore

    I was involved in a car/pedestrain accident in 1986. The car slid into me after being rear ended by another car. The bone in my right arm came through the skin in my upper arm. Doctor Stanish performed the operation at the old Victoria General. He saved my arm, but I had a slight vibration in my arm as a result of the car accident. But I did not give up there. I ask numerous doctors over the years. They all said the same thing. I started to continue running in 1987 but it became harder until one day I was down at the Farmer’s Market and I overheard a young lady giving a sales pitch for Hemp Oil. She was naming all the benefits you get from this, good ciruculation caught my ear. So I tried some and needless to say, I am running again. I have about 85% use of my injured arm.

  2. L. Naugler

    I started my 8 year old son on Hemp Oil the end of October, 2003. He had great difficulty with mood swings and a very low level of concentration.

    By the end of the school year 2004, he was in the top 4 of his class, with tremendous improvements in concentration and 0 mood swings.

  3. A. Corkum

    I love hempseel oil. It has done wonders for me. My I.B.S is so much better. 1 tablespoon a day worked great for me! My arthritis has greatly improved as well as the stiffness in my joints. I highly recommend Atlantic Healing Hemp Seed Oil.

  4. Sharon Pfinder

    BENEFITS SINCE I STARTED I have been using Hemp Oil since August of 2002. The benefits for me are many and I will list them below.

    I feel that my metabolism has been given a boost, because in my effort to lose weight, I am doing very well. In the past it has been difficult mainly because my metabolic rate is nil, I have been tested for this problem. My weight loss in the months since end of September until May is 46 lbs.
    I have Arthritis in my knees and while the pain is still there the inflammation and stiffness is not there.
    I feel very alert.
    I sleep very well at night.
    I believe that my internal organs are working a lot better.
    I was having trouble with leg cramps at night, that has not been a problem.
    My immune system is great, although the department has had many colds and flu, I did not get sick.

  5. Lorna Collicutt

    I experienced major improvements in my PMS symptoms ( cramps, bloating, mood swings). I also experienced less pain and increased regularity with my irritable bowel. I am a nurse and recognize the need for EFA’s and good nutrition. I highly promote Hemp Oil because of the balance of EFA’s. Due to my results I now have co-workers , family and friends using Hemp Oil.

  6. Jerry Lowe

    I have had psoriasis since 1968 and used many creams topically prescribed by specialists that relieved it temporarily. At one point I was on a cancer drug that almost destroyed my liver. I recognized the need to heal from the inside out so I started taking Hemp Oil. If this product had not helped I would not have continued after the third bottle. As a result, the two patches on my upper thighs are gone. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from Psoriasis.

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